What’s DXA (Dexa) & Why Do I Want It?

The DXA (Dexa) scans’ primary function is to help pinpoint exactly what is changing in your body when weight is gained or lost.

Deemed the gold standard of body composition analysis, Dexa is the most accurate method for measuring body composition and is commonly used by elite sport labs and researchers.

Through Dexa, you’ll understand your bone health, body fat percentage, and muscle mass in under 15 minutes.

How do you use the Dexa scan to increase wellness? Examples of practical applications include:


  • Athletes working to get in better shape or sustain their current condition can benefit from the Dexa’s accurate analysis of body fat, muscle mass, and bone density. Dexa scans help athletes precisely gain muscle mass or cut body fat for their sport. Additionally, an athlete’s bone density is valuable to measure since an increased bone density can help prevent bone-related injuries.


  • Seniors beginning a fitness and/or nutrition program can use Dexa scans to monitor their bone density and muscle mass. Improving bone density and muscle mass can help with osteoporosis, sarcopenia, and risk of falling.

General population

  • Visceral fat, a type of body fat that surrounds vital organs in the abdomen, is measured through Dexa scans. This fat can lead to diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and more. Having awareness of and reducing visceral fat can be life saving.

  • Compared to a weight scale, Dexa scans are capable of showing what weight increases or reductions specifically represent. Due to density, weight gain via muscle causes the body to shrink and firm up while weight gain via fat causes the opposite. Therefore, weight gain isn’t necessarily bad and weight loss isn’t necessarily good.
  • No matter your goal, scheduling a regular scan can help keep you on track, healthy, and motivated!

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Thanks to Steve Evans for contributing his expertise to this post.